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Wednesday Night

[doing dishes] On Wednesday nights during the school year, we have supper together at 6:00 pm. Dinners are cooked by chef Nabb Quinn. Prices: Adults $6.00, children ages 4-12 $4.00, family maximum $17.00. Call or email the church office by Tuesday noon to RSVP to ensure an accurate count for the dinner order. At 6:30 there are educational or fellowship programs for adults, childrens' programs, and nursery care. Chancel choir rehearsal follows. See the events page for details.

Annual Retreat

The 2014 session of our annual church-wide retreat is coming up soon! Spend a time of relaxation and fun Saturday, August 23 at the Calvin Center. “Gifts of the Community, Gifts for the Community” is the theme of this year’s gathering, led by the Schaap Freeman and Clay Fouse. Please see the flyer.

[puzzled at Camp Calvin] re·treat [ri'tret]: a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction; a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax. EPC Annual Retreat: [Many different words have been used by the thousands of retreat participants over the past nearly 50 years to describe their experiences.] Here’s just a few of the things that define and are loved about Retreat . . . catching up with old friends, getting to know new friends, endless snacks, hymn sings, Bible study, quiet conversations, outdoor explorations, engaging programs, puzzles, long walks, lots of space for kids to roam, stargazing, good food, riding bikes, ball games, coffee house, catching that big fish, hanging out with friends, dancing, crafts, playing games, swimming, vespers in the woods . . . what will you love about the Annual Retreat?

Congregational Care

Fellowship in a caring community means trying to do what we can to watch out for and support each other. We pray, call, send cards, give each other rides. The C is for Caring team organizes meals and other forms of support during illness, births, and deaths.

Members and friends of the church use an email list to inform each other of prayer requests and announcements. Contact info@emorypresbyterian.org to have your email address added to the list.

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